My personal exercise plan. A combination of Lisa’s exercise regimen and my training for a half marathon I’m running this fall.
*diet and exercise regimen planned for me personally by Lisa Carlson @ Body Potential Fitness, seriously an amazing trainer who has worked with me the last months to get past my wall and back on track with gaining strength and loosing fat. 
*keep in mind this plan is personalized to my body type, I’m an apple shape who tends to carry weight up top and stores sugar and carbohydrates as belly fat.

6 days per week
Alternating high intensity cardio activity with cross fit and/or weight training
5 days a week running (1/2 marathon training): running 60 minutes (about 6 miles per day); mornings
3 days a week: cross fit and/or weight training (10 minutes of warm up; and about 45 minutes of cross fit or weight circuit training).
For me: Running Mondays – Fridays in the mornings; cross fit/weight training: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Saturdays = 1 hour of either yoga or spin class
1 day of rest: NO carbohydrates consumed this day. 

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